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      The only ISO certified company in the world for Fengshui and Vaastu correction without demolitions. Physic healing and Aura reading is our U.S.P. A to Z Vaastu Consultants was established in the year 1989.

       A to Z Vaastu consultants offers services globally. We also have our associate offices in USA / Mauritius / Denmark.
       Dr. Shamsunder the founder and president of this group is a world renowned practitioner of Vaastu and Vedic healing. His intuitive powers enable him to check energies and aura of people and places.

      A to Z Vaastu consultants offers services globally. We also have branch office in USA / Mauritius / Denmark.

     We have devised a result oriented and proven method of Vaastu correction without demolition or renovations for existing structures / Building – Residential and Commercial.

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+91 98450 18839/ 99863 96226

080 – 26667114.


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 Fengshui Vastu

Vastu Correction without Demolition

       Even if a building is not constructed as per the Vastu norms positive cosmic rays can be harnessed using Yantras, Colors, Iconography, Pyramidology, Vedic Scriptures and symbols. This sacred geometry has the power to create favorable energy fields.

       Dr. Shamsunder excels in Vastu correction without demolition. In order to achieve the benefits of the nature one should either demolish or reconstruct as per the law of Vastu which is impractical in today’s lifestyles. Hence Yantra is used which have the power to rectify positional defects.

      For example if the kitchen in SW, and NE this is incorrect as per Vastu norms but energetically it can be shifted to SE by the help of yantras. Swastik and pyramid have the power of 1 million Bovisols (unit of measuring energy).

         Pyramids, Vedic scriptures and symbols that emit powerful vibrations can be beneficially utilized to direct cosmic energies.

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